Partnership Kit

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Partner with myself and Usana Health Sciences. Take the first step in your journey towards more freedom in all areas of your life.

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Welcome! We are so happy you found our website. You’re looking for more out of life right? You want to live life by your own design. You desire more freedom, more time, more income, more impact, more personal growth and radiant health. You want to be empowered, live consciously with purpose and you want to create a vision for your life that will light your soul on fire every single day. You want to be a leader; an entrepreneur, an influencer and you want to contribute in big ways. You want the whole package and you’re not stopping until you find it!

Well, you’re in the right place at the right time. You can stop looking now because we are in total alignment with what you’re seeking. We believe that living life in total freedom is not only possible it’s absolutely necessary. It’s about having the emotional intelligence, the vibrant health, the wealth and the time, and doing more of the things that you love to do every single day with the people that you adore. All while having tons of fun, living outside your comfort zone, giving outrageously and creating a legacy for the next generations, regardless how big or small! We’ve created this space especially for you – the change maker, and we have the solution for you to start living your holistic freedom lifestyle with a kickass tribe and turnkey online business model that will support you every step of the way.


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