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About Me

Hi there, my name is Juness.  I am a wellness entrepreneur that is passionate about health & overall wellbeing. My mission is lead by example, nourishing my mind body and soul by finding ways that make all 3 feel good!  It’s all about balance and I want to share with you my vision, my journey and whatever else I come across along the way.  As a health and lifestyle coach I seek to understand, educate and assist others along their own journey towards better health, purpose and life freedom.

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Mentorship Program

You’re looking for more out of life right? You want to live life by your own design. You desire more freedom, more time, more income, more impact, more personal growth and radiant health.

The 12 week mentorship program is offered by myself and The Holistic Freedom Academy and is a commitment to YOU and showing you step-by-step how you too can redefine what is possible for your life.